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The company was founded in 2003 by Akan Satayev. Initially, it was engaged in the production of commercials for a long time. The first full-length film was launched in 2006, it was a sensational "Racketeer", the film completely recouped its budget and did very good in local box office, and most importantly became one of the most loved movies of domestic audience. After the success of "Racketeer" the company moved to a permanent mode of production of multi-series and feature films. Biggest projects are pictures as "Racketeer", "Brothers" (a multi-part full-length series), "Strayed", "Hacker", "Racketeer 2", "Raiyony" and "Alone", which was released recently not only in Kazakhstan but also in the CIS.


An interesting fact is that the company's logo depicts the profile of Akan Satayev's father in the role of Akane Sery in the film Trizna / Kulager of 1972. Today the company is considered one of the largest private film studios in the territory of Kazakhstan and to this day is engaged in the production of feature films and series.




Акан Сатаев

About the director and founder

Satayev Akan Kargambayevich



Film director, actor, screenwriter and producer of Kazakhstan cinema.



He was born on December 23, 1971, the city of Karaganda, Kazakhstan.



In 1988, Akan began his activity in cinema, immediately after graduating from high school, as an assistant director in the Karaganda regional television. Akan graduated from the Academy of Arts named after Zhurgenov, received a filmmaker diploma. Even while studying he managed to play in two films - "Allahjar" by Kaldybai Abenov and "Biographies of a young accordionist" Satybaldy Narymbetov. After studying there was a long period of work in the advertising business - the production of commercials.



Akan Satyaev in 2003 founded the largest today film studio "Sataifilm".


As a director and producer in 2007, Akan shot his first feature film "The Racketeer." The picture was released with a dizzying success.