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TitleBauyrzhan Momyshuly 

: Kazakhstan
Year : 2013


Directed by : Akan Satayev
script : Timur Zhaksilikov , Alexander Beck
Producer Er Jarasxan Kwlpïenov
Operator Iskander Narymbetov, Hassan Kydyraliev
Artists Nazir Baibekov, Asel Shalabayeva

Stars: Yerkebulan Dairov, Asel Sagatova, Victor Ashanin, Maksat Sabitov, Vitaliy Bagryantsev, Sayat Isembayev, Merey Makhanov, Alexander Bagryantsev, Vitaly Davydov, Vladimir Krylov, Azamat Shargynov, Dmitry Skirta, Sergey Ufimtsev, Bakhtiyar Kozha, Artem Ivatov, Ilya Shilkin, Edil Ramazanov , Marat Abdullaev, Zhanibek Akylbekov, Dasten Shakirov, Ilya Sadykov, Eugene Dubovik, Roman Khikalov, Irina Komarova, Toleubek Aralbai, Asylkhan Tolepov


History truthful way Bauyrzhan Momyshuly since that time, he met with General Panfilov, and when he was appointed head of the battalion  




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Title: Brothers

: Kazakhstan
Year : 2009


Director : Akan Satayev
Screenplay : Timur Zhaksylykov
Producer Berwick Sabırjanov, Jarashan Kulpienov
Operator Hasanbek Green
Composer Renat Gaissin

Stars: Berik Aitzhanov, Nurlan Alimzhanov, Anuar Nurpeisov, Aidos Bektemirov, Myra Omar, Jean Baizhanbaev, Almagul Rulas, Igor Gorshkov, Murat Bisenbin, Sayat Isembayev


The film tells the story of three siblings who were born and raised in the village. Father and mother of the heroes of the simple, loving their sons villagers. The film tells the story of their life's journey since 1996: the eldest of the brothers - Chingiz, who, after graduation, went to Almaty, in order to do business, medium - Kuanysh, the promising fighter accidentally stood up to the criminal path and the junior - Bakhyt, who, after serving in the army wants to be close to their parents and to engage in agriculture. 



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Title: Hacker

USA, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Canada,
Slogan«Real Story. Real Hacker »
Year : 2014


Directed by : Akan Sataev
Scenario Sanzhar Sultanov Timur Zhaksylykov, Akan Sataev
Producer Sanzhar Sultanov, Tommy Chang, Evan Dell'Agila
Operator Paul Patrichi
Artists Nazgol Goshtasbpur, Cary Rothman, Barb Cardozo

Stars: Callan McOliffe, Lorraine Nicholson, Daniel Eric Gold, Clifton Collins Jr., Zachary Bennett, Vlad Verevko, Gennady Dolganov, Ryan Michelsen


Alex and his family emigrated from Ukraine to Canada in search of a better life. But when the family came in financial difficulties, the guy decides to take revenge on the bank of the mother dismissal, punish corrupt bankers, and at the same time earn money. Alex enters into a criminal organization Internet DarkWeb, which is like-minded and quickly mastered the art of online fraud. However, what at first was a noble goal, soon turns into an obsessive fascination and attracts the attention of both governments and dangerous people heading DarkWeb. Based on a true story.



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Title: Lost

: Kazakhstan
Slogan"Where the laws of the street"
Year : 2016


Director : Akan Satayev
Screenplay : Timur Zhaksylykov
Producer :  Akan Satayev, Jarashan Kulpienov
Operator Hasanbek Green
Composer Alim Zairov, Roman Vishnevsky 

Stars: Andrei Merzlikin, Tungishbay Zhamankulov, Almagul Rulas, Ilyas Sadyrov, Igor Gorshkov, Azamat Ilyasov, Daulet Abdygaparov, Alexey Khramenkov, Aiganym Sadikova, Nikolai Gontar


The protagonist, his wife and young son got lost in the desert and got stuck on a country road. They are forced to spend the night in the car. The next morning the main character wakes up one - his wife and son mysteriously disappeared.

The first search result lone hero in a house in which lived an old man and the girl. Strange inhabitants of this unusual house as if they know about his family, about it, but try to hide it. What for?  



The film participated at the Montreal International Film Festival in Canada and the International Film Festival "Fajr" in Iran. Also, the picture came in the long-list of nominations of the prestigious film award "Oscar" in Hollywood.



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