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Title: Racketeer 2

: Kazakhstan
Year : 2015


Director : Akan Satayev
Screenplay : Timur Zhaksylykov
Producer :  Akan Satayev
Operator Hasanbek Green
Stars: Aruzhan Jazilbekova, Asel Sagatova, Ayan Utepbergen, Farhad Abdraimov, Sayat Isembayev, Jean Baizhanbaev, Azamat Satybaldy, Dasten Shakirov


The fate of the main character gives a second chance. Everyone thought he was dead. Since the death of Ruslana's been ten years. Sayan - loyal assistant Ruslan - decided to retire and start a new life with a clean slate. When into his house came the younger brother of the deceased chief Bula, Sayan alert. And no wonder. Bula wanted revenge, but Sayan is not ready to return to the past. And then the fun begins ...




Trailer for the film: