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Title: Lost

: Kazakhstan
Slogan"Where the laws of the street"
Year : 2016


Director : Akan Satayev
Screenplay : Timur Zhaksylykov
Producer :  Akan Satayev, Jarashan Kulpienov
Operator Hasanbek Green
Composer Alim Zairov, Roman Vishnevsky 

Stars: Andrei Merzlikin, Tungishbay Zhamankulov, Almagul Rulas, Ilyas Sadyrov, Igor Gorshkov, Azamat Ilyasov, Daulet Abdygaparov, Alexey Khramenkov, Aiganym Sadikova, Nikolai Gontar


The protagonist, his wife and young son got lost in the desert and got stuck on a country road. They are forced to spend the night in the car. The next morning the main character wakes up one - his wife and son mysteriously disappeared.

The first search result lone hero in a house in which lived an old man and the girl. Strange inhabitants of this unusual house as if they know about his family, about it, but try to hide it. What for?  



The film participated at the Montreal International Film Festival in Canada and the International Film Festival "Fajr" in Iran. Also, the picture came in the long-list of nominations of the prestigious film award "Oscar" in Hollywood.



Trailer for the film: