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Title: Hacker

USA, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Canada,
Slogan«Real Story. Real Hacker »
Year : 2014


Directed by : Akan Sataev
Scenario Sanzhar Sultanov Timur Zhaksylykov, Akan Sataev
Producer Sanzhar Sultanov, Tommy Chang, Evan Dell'Agila
Operator Paul Patrichi
Artists Nazgol Goshtasbpur, Cary Rothman, Barb Cardozo

Stars: Callan McOliffe, Lorraine Nicholson, Daniel Eric Gold, Clifton Collins Jr., Zachary Bennett, Vlad Verevko, Gennady Dolganov, Ryan Michelsen


Alex and his family emigrated from Ukraine to Canada in search of a better life. But when the family came in financial difficulties, the guy decides to take revenge on the bank of the mother dismissal, punish corrupt bankers, and at the same time earn money. Alex enters into a criminal organization Internet DarkWeb, which is like-minded and quickly mastered the art of online fraud. However, what at first was a noble goal, soon turns into an obsessive fascination and attracts the attention of both governments and dangerous people heading DarkWeb. Based on a true story.



Trailer for the film: