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Title:  Myn Bala Warriors of the Steppe

: Kazakhstan
Slogan : "The deception is the limit"
Year : 2012


Director : Akan Satayev
Screenplay Timur Zhaksylykov summer, Lyceum Mukhamedzhan Mamırbekov
Producer Anna Kachko, TX Nurbergen, Alia Uvaljanova
Operator Hasanbek Green
Composer Renat Gaissin
Artists Nicholas Trembaseviç, Christopher Robin Bell

Stars: Asylkhan Tolepov, Aliya Anuarbek, Ayan Utepbergen, Kuralai Anarbekova, Tlektes Meiramov, Toleubek Aralbai, Nurlan Alimzhanov, Berik Aitzhanov, Kuralai Anarbekova


The action of the movie takes place in the first half of the XVIII century - in a pivotal era Kazakh history when in a bloody war with Dzhungars unity of the Kazakh people and heroism become a decisive force on the road to the attainment of freedom.



The film entered in the main competition program of the International festival of national and ethnic cinema "Akbuzat" in Ufa and was also featured as part of the fourth annual festival "Tribeca-Doha" in Qatar, the film was presented at the International Film Festival in Cannes for the market show, and ended up in longlist of the prestigious Hollywood award "Oscar".



Trailer for the film: