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 poster7-300Title: Alone

: Russia, Kazakhstan
Slogan : "The deception is the limit"
Year : 2017


Director : Akan Satayev
Screenplay : Timur Zhaksylykov
Producer : Hernani Kurmasheva, Alia Mendıgojina, Akan Satayev
Operator : Tim Dulatov
Composer : Roman Vishnevsky, Alim Zairov
Artists : Alexey Philimonova

Stars: Aisulu Azimbaeva, Anastasia Vostrova, Yaroslav Stakhovsky


In the great metropolis lives a young girl with her little daughter. Oddly enough, but it seems that apart from them in this city no one. They walk alone in his deserted and silent streets. Dark secrets of the past do not give the girl the rest, but every deception is the limit. One young mother and her daughter are beginning to notice that in the city there is another resident, and it turns their world upside down.



The film "Alone" was invited to the world premiere in the section "Window on Asian Cinema" in the Pusan ​​International Film Festival in Korea, and has been chosen is mentioned in the official list of the shows at the film festival in Cairo in 2017.

The film participated at the International Film Festival in Santa Barbara (USA)



Trailer for the film: